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Song Doctoring

I will “doctor” a song for you and fix it up either lyrically, melodically, or both.

After all, your song is competing with the best of the best. Give it the advantage of a professional review and song doctoring.

I offer a standard waiver of any claim I would have to the song. That means YOU the writer keep ALL your writer’s rights. My fee is a one time charge for a one time service, and that fee is a flat $100/song. It's your song. My service is to help you as a writer to have a better song that can compete in today's highly competitive music industry.

Song Doctoring always comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with how I’ve doctored your song, you have 30 days from the time I give you the final product to seek a full refund of that service.

For songs of exceptional merit I reserve the right to offer a waive of my doctoring fee in exchange for a co-writing credit. Both I and the writer would have to agree upon this in writing if such an instance should occur.

"We’re Getting There"… before and after  doctoring   

SAMPLE -  Before 

SAMPLE - After

The Before and the After of "We're Getting There" is also on .

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